Who was Johannes Greber?

Johannes Greber (1876 – 1944) was a catholic priest in Kell am Rhein, Germany.

In 1923 Johannes Greber met a medium in a bible study group and a spirit of God was speaking through this medium. Over the years this spirit of God educated Johannes Greber about all the errors of Christianity.

Johannes Greber

Because of his spirituality the Catholic church forced Johannes Greber to give up his pastorate and they threatened to exordain him.

In 1929 Johannes Greber emigrated to the United States of America where he met his wife Elizabeth, who was a medium. Together they organized spiritual church services in New York.

In 1932 Johannes Greber wrote the book “Der Verkehr mit der Geisterwelt Gottes” (Communication with the Spirit World of God). He also re-translated the New Testament into today’s German free of the falsifications by the Catholic church.

Later the New World Translation was partly based upon Greber’s new bible translation. Even though the New World Translation is nowadays heavily used by Jehovah’s witnesses, Johannes Greber was no Jehovah’s witness.