Johannes Greber was, of course, not the only person who – over time – stood in contact with beings from the spirit realm. The following links lead to other channeled resources that we can recommend.

These pages will introduce amongst other things the research done by the Medialen Friedenskreises, Berlin (Psychic Peace Circle, Berlin) and this will shed some light on the prevailing spiritual darkness. We are dealing here with a Christian/spiritual community that did some major research in the field of metaphysics from 1950 to 1975. The complete works, the so-called “Mene-Tekel” comprises many thousands of A4 pages. All existing protocols were arranged according to their themes and they may be copied without restrictions.

Caution: The link above will lead you to the German version of the website. There’s also an english translation. This translation however is not complete, i.e. some sections are translated while others are not.

Jesus Christ made himself heard to a medium who simply refers to himself as “the recorder” and dictated 9 letters and several (shorter) articles that rectify milestones of his life as well as some of his teachings that were misunderstood.

Christ speaks of his reasons for returning to dictate these letters. Says that mankind brings their own woes upon them through their thoughts and actions. Explains why his true mission on earth was not recorded properly.

All the material is available at the website for free, but there’s also a printed book avaible which contains all letters and articles.

GL Zürich is an association whose purpose is to cultivate and promote Christian spirit teaching. It is based on 2400 lectures which were transmitted in the years 1948 to 1983 from the world beyond by the deep trance medium Beatrice Brunner.

In addition to the bi-monthly publication, “The Spiritual World”, featuring two lectures in each edition and available as an e-journal, several books providing introductory and supplementary spiritual teaching are also available.

Silver Birch is the name of a wise spiritual being that communicated through the use of “his” medium Maurice Barbanell. The profound spiritual teachings of Silver Birch have guided and inspired tens of thousands of followers around the world for decades. Spoken in words and phrases whose meanings are simple to absorb, his philosophy has guided countless people on their spiritual journeys through this earthly life.